Project planning and installation of air conditioning, heating, and cooling


  • - Central heating
  • - Floor and wall heating
  • - Boiler rooms
  • - Geothermal power
  • - Chillers and heat pumps
  • - Ammonia refrigeration installations

Air conditioning

  • - VRV systems
  • - Air handling units
  • - Swimming pool air handling units
  • - Split systems


  • - Air distribution ducts
  • - Fire dampers
  • - Flow controllers


The production plant of Instalater Ltd includes a wide range of ducts made of straight and fitting pieces and different types of material:

  • - Air distribution ducts (black, galvanized, stainless steel and polyurethane panels)
  • - Section filters
  • - Sound attenuator
  • - Flexible connections
  • - Steel constructions for elements installation into the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of installation


Instalater offers regular maintenance services and a complete verification of system operation. In case of mechanical intervention needed, our maintenance staff is always available, and they will remove any technical imperfection in a fast and efficient way and meet the expectations and demands of their clients.